We’re not here to improve money transfer. We’re here to fix it.


We earn from merchants

Traditional money transfer companies take a huge cut out of your generosity. The World Bank reports 6% is removed via fees and exchange rate markups. Because we earn from interchange we are able to remove fees and charge only 1% or less.


We’re breaking the comparison

Every other traditional remittance company is the same. They claim to have lower fees, faster transfer times, a wider cash disbursement network. But they haven‘t addressed the root problems in money transfer like we have.

We have no transfer fees.
We don‘t need a cash-out network.
Money is available 24/7.


We’re helping you get established.

We understand that the immigrant journey is difficult. You leave in search of a better life. You arrive with zero credit history and a financial system that seems to be built to keep you out of it. We’re fixing this problem beginning with helping you build positive credit history.

Family is at the center of everything we do

We’re not just changing how money moves, we’re changing the dynamic in a family relationship. It is difficult to stay close while being separated by oceans. Repeated requests for money and a constant need to send remittances are a burden.

Our vision is to change that. Families who use Pomelo enjoy a new dynamic that is now marked by trust, accountability and gratitude. Instead of constantly playing catch-up and hoping money arrives on time, Pomelo makes funds available before any urgent need.

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