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We’ve reinvented money transfer using the power of credit. No more transfer fees. No more cash pickups. Only peace of mind.


$1 =60

Never pay transfer fees again

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Goodbye cash pickups

Say goodbye to the hassle of cash pickups and banks that are offline.

Where’s my money?

Never wonder where your money is. It never leaves until you pay the bill.

Ready for emergencies

The Pomelo Card™ makes money ready 24/7 so you are ready for life’s surprises.

The Pomelo Card™ Send now pay later

We will send a Pomelo Card™ to anyone anywhere in the Philippines. They can spend it anywhere Mastercard is accepted. You pay the bill later.

How to get started:

1. Sign up in minutes

2. Invite your recipients in the Philippines

3. They spend in the Philippines. You pay in the USA.

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It’s time for a new way to send money

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