It's not money transfer. It's better.

Send a Pomelo Card. Never again think about transfer fees, exchange rates or where your money is. No more sending money again and again.


$1 =₱60

The Pomelo Card™ Mightier than cash.

Up to 4 in your family will receive their very own Pomelo Card! No more hassle of cash pickup. Money is always for them and is as easy as a monthly bill for you.

Say goodbye to transfer fees 👋

Other remittance companies charge you transfer fees and take a big cut from your exchange rates. But we earn from merchants you spend on when you use the Pomelo Card. This means zero transfer fees.

When they spend, your credit grows

As you help your family today, you're building your own tomorrow. With each on-time payment you are building positive credit history - great for your credit score! Everyone is welcome to use Pomelo, no matter your credit score.


Pomelo is built around a family plan. Using the Pomelo app it's easy to keep family spending in one place. See every swipe. Set allowances. Pause cards at any time.

It’s time for a new way to send money

Make your family a Pomelo family. Join now!