Share money without sending money

Nothing says “you’re under my care” like a Pomelo Card. When you send your loved ones a Pomelo Card you will never have to send money again.

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Hello, CFO!

Pomelo is one family account with up to 4 cards. You are the Chief Financial Officer. You can set limits, pause any card any time, and have full view on how each member of your family spends. Once they get their card, they can start spending. You can pay it later like any other bill.

Put an end to the stress

Sharing should be joyful not stressful. Here’s the problem with traditional money transfer:

Where’s my money?

That moment money leaves your account but is not with your recipient.

Cash pickups

That moment when your loved one has to line up at a pawnshop and then walk around town with a lot of cash.


That moment you need to send money in the middle of the night because of an emergency hoping it will arrive on time.

Put the joy back in money transfer

Never worry where your money is – it only leaves your account when you pay the bill. There’s no waiting in line, just swiping with a card. And no more emergencies – the money is there before they need it, not after.

How to get started:

1. Create Your Family Plan

2. Invite family members in the Philippines or in the US

3. Once they accepted, cards are on the way with free courier delivery