Send a Pomelo Card™ to the Philippines

Nothing says “you’re under my care” like a Pomelo Card™. Even if they’re thousands of miles away, they are now truly part of your family.
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Hello, CFO!

Pomelo is one family account with up to 4 cards. You are the Chief Financial Officer. You can set limits, pause any card any time, and have full view on how each member of your family spends. Once they get their card, they can start spending. You can pay it later like any other bill.

The Pomelo App

The Pomelo App is the perfect companion to The Pomelo Card™. It helps you manage your family plan and helps each member track their spending.

When they spend, your credit grows

As you help your family today, you're building your own tomorrow. With each on-time payment you are building positive credit history - great for your credit score! Everyone is welcome to use Pomelo, no matter your credit score.