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POMELO is created by Meitu, a leading photo and video service provider with over 700 million users worldwide. The company has developed MeituPic, BeautyPlus, Meipai, PosterLabs, POMELO, Meitu Phone and a range of other products.

We don't only focus on technology and technology only here at Meitu. We are geeks; we love innovation and everything quirky. Photographer, illustrator, model, racing car driver… we’ve got all sorts of quirky people in this team with an average age of 25. And we are good at putting thoughts into action. Here is where dreaming and working go hand in hand.

“Creating value for users” is the concept Meitu Company follows with consistency. With users at its core, Meitu will continue to introduce innovative and fun products and services, and provide the ultimate product experiences by combining innovative technology with user demands.